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How Rio Grande Urology Leverages Medical Marketing Strategy on Their Patient-Centered Website

Rio Grande Urology (RGU) is the largest urology group serving west Texas and southern New Mexico. Initially founded in 2008, RGU’s growing medical practice has attracted some of the best physicians in the Southwest. RGU’s comprehensive offerings include treating cancers of the prostate, bladder, and kidneys. Their skilled physicians provide care using the latest treatments and technology in health care, including robotic surgery.

How Rio Grande Urology Leverages Medical Marketing Strategy on Their Patient-Centered Website​ | bio360 Marketing

As their team has grown, RGU has expanded, developing a Radiation Center and a Cancer Center. RGU stands apart for their dedication to providing an integrated approach to medical care so patients can receive superior continuity of care.


RGU was experiencing difficulties keeping their website updated with information about their practice, practitioners, and specialty areas. They were looking for a solid medical marketing strategy, along with a health care-savvy company who could manage their website, improve their site content, and offer reliable communication. They also wanted a medical marketing team that could keep pace with RGU’s growth and changes.


bio360 rebuilt and updated RGU’s website. We increased their page speed and applied sound health care marketing principles to develop engaging site content (including a blog), patient-friendly navigation and access to information. RGU’s new website from bio360 highlights their services and their outstanding team of specialists. We also equipped them to manage multiple medical practice websites within one framework. And we did all of this with RGU’s signature look and feel in mind.


“You’ve created a high benchmark for anyone who wants to do what you are doing,” says Hector Santana, CFO of Rio Grande Urology

We listened to RGU’s needs and desire to create a plan to better serve their patients. Then we created an adaptable website that gives patients easy access to the information they need. bio360’s results have enhanced their practice in the following ways:

  • Patients now feel that the practice cares about meeting their needs from their first website visit.
  • RGU has an updated website representing them online that can evolve to meet the their needs.
  • They have increased opportunities to highlight their physicians and services.
  • They now have an integrated medical marketing strategy for their medical practice.
  • Reputation management is a breeze with professional press releases and negative review management
How Rio Grande Urology Leverages Medical Marketing Strategy on Their Patient-Centered Website​ | bio360 Marketing

Adapting to a medical practice’s changing marketing needs

Good things often lead to great things, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing as RGU leverages targeted medical marketing strategies.

“When we first started working with bio360, I didn’t know or envision how far we would go in services beyond the website. As we grow, you’ve grown and adapted to us and our needs, while continuing to provide personal service,” says Hector.

Though the bio360 team initially set out to help RGU update and streamline their website, we identified additional integrated tools to build their medical practice’s online presence along the way.

Our graphic design team and writing team created professional content to help RGU highlight their unique services and physicians and connect better with prospective patients.
Our work with RGU didn’t stop when their new website launched. Our responsive team is always ready to provide updates to their website, develop digital content for the site or social media, and create new ways to highlight their physicians’ expertise. Our marketing services allow the staff of RGU to focus on doing what they do best — serving their patients.

“It’s a cohesive relationship, and the quality of bio360’s work is outstanding,” says Hector.

Are you ready for a better medical practice website and digital marketing strategy?

If you’re ready for a website that reflects your practice’s professionalism and care or want to expand your digital marketing, bio360 is here to help. Call us at 915-585-1919 or complete the online form to schedule a free consultation with the medical marketing experts.

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